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Alumnae News


To Sarena Teng on her acceptance to the University of South Alabama's College of Medicine. Sarena was awarded 3 scholarships for her 1st year of med school. She will begin this fall.

To Sarah Lauren Kattos on the birth of her daughter, Juliana Catherine, born on December 20, 1999. She was 6lbs., 3oz. and 19' long!

To Kitty Pettus on her marriage to Wilton Hinds, August 7, 1999.

To Toni Morgan and Kitty Pettus-Hinds for each receiving a Rose award at Convention this past June.

Local Legacies Pledge AOII

Karen Alexander's Daughter, Jessica pledged AOII at Middle Tennesee State.

Natalie Sutton pledged AOII at the University of South Alabama. Natalie's grandmother is an AOII.

If you know of any other local legacies pledging AOII, email us and let us congratulate them!